Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), recently criticized the religious right for failing to reverse gains made by the LGBT rights movement.

Speaking with Mike Heath of MaineResistance, LaBarbera applauded Christian conservative groups for resisting proposed LGBT rights measure, but added that he wants to see recent gains reversed.

Anti-gay activists, LaBarbera claimed, have God and truth on their side.

“That's the shame of our movement,” LaBarbera said. “The homosexual activists behave as if they have the truth. We act as if we're ashamed of the truth when, in reality, we have the truth. Look at homosexuality; God says it's an abomination. Well, what a shocker that the behavior that God says is an abomination is vastly disproportionately represented among sexually transmitted diseases. Gee, Mike, what a shocker!”

Citing the recent spike in syphilis cases among gay men, LaBarbera declared that "”what we're finding in the science is that homosexuality is as bad as God said it was and you can't change that.”