GLAAD last week honored Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of Salesforce, for his LGBT activism.

At the group's Gala San Francisco, Benioff was presented with GLAAD's Ric Weiland Award, which honors an innovator in tech and new media and is named after philanthropist and software pioneer Ric Weiland. One of the first five employees at Microsoft, Weiland took his own life in 2006.

Benioff has been a leading voice in the corporate world against state laws that target the LGBT community, speaking out against bills and laws in North Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia and Indiana.

In accepting his award, Benioff took aim at Indiana Governor Mike Pence, who was pressured by the business community to rewrite one such law.

“We are on the verge of a major election,” Benioff said. “And little did I know that that person we came up against 18 months ago, who was so willing to express his hate into a law and rally his countrymen against the LGBTQ community would be on the ticket for vice president of the United States.”

“So, If you really believe that we need move love in this world … then it is absolutely critical for you to vote against Mike Pence, against that ticket with Donald Trump and to vote for Hillary Clinton in just a few weeks,” he added.