A lesbian couple in Albany, New York says their neighbor has been making their lives difficult since they hung a rainbow flag.

Married couple Melinda and Kelly Person hung the flag outside their suburban home in a show of solidarity with the 49 people who died and dozens who were wounded in a mass shooting in June at an Orlando gay nightclub.

One of their neighbors responded by posting “No trespassing” signs along the border of their property.

Melinda said that when she tried to talk to the couple, they refused and even called the police on her for trespassing.

In August, the neighbors disturbed their twin boys' third birthday party by riding lawnmowers in circles on their property the entire afternoon. More recently, they spray painted “TRUMP” on two trees that face the Persons' home.

“I think [Donald] Trump has given closeted bigots a sense of empowerment and they now feel the freedom to express their hate,” Melinda told The Huffington Post. “Our three-year-old twins ask questions about what the signs are for. We say our neighbors aren't very nice.”

“I'm sad that my kids have to grow up next to this hate,” Kelly added.