Eyes were glued to the CW's premiere of the hit reality show America's Next Top Model last night for a first-hand look at transgender contestant Isis. The short answer is: She's fierce.

Isis' addition to the program was met with some controversy when Fox News aired a segment with anchor Gregg Jarrett and Us Weekly editor-at-large Ian Drew snickering at the twenty-two year old model hopeful.

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) called the segment “offensive” and demanded an apology. GLAAD had previously applauded the producers of Model for their first-ever inclusion of a transgender woman.

On the two-hour premiere, several girls were turned off by Isis' revelation of being a pre-operative transsexual, most notably eighteen-year-old Sharaun, who said the winner of Model was “not going to be a drag queen.” And Clark said, “Isis has no place in this competition.”

But Isis proved them both wrong when her photo was judged second best.

In fact, the judges immediately liked her and so did several girls. One said of her transitioning, “You're like a butterfly.” And McKey found Isis to be a “pretty cool chick.”

The show also features Elina, an openly lesbian contestant who appears to be a strong contender.

Sharaun, who boasted to each judge she was the most qualified to win and mocked Isis during her photo shoot by saying she needed a shave, was the first eliminated from the contest. Might be the first televised instance of fierce-karma.