Actress Elle Fanning has called her transgender role in the film About Ray her “most challenging.”

In About Ray, Fanning, 18, plays a teenager transitioning from female to male. The film also stars Susan Sarandon as Ray's lesbian grandmother and Naomi Watts as the mother.

About Ray premiered at last year's Toronto Film Festival but has yet to open in the United States.

At Variety's Power of Young Hollywood event, Fanning opened up to Entertainment Tonight about the role.

“About Ray was one of the most amazing roles I've ever played, probably the most challenging,” Fanning said. “I play a transgender boy and I got to met with so many amazing young guys. Just talking to them, hearing their stories. It was powerful.”

“I'll never fully feel the way they feel, but I think to have a movie that's about a transgender teen isn't done often but it needs to be out there.”

In an interview with Variety, she expanded on how she prepared for the role.

“I spoke to a lot of transgender guys, and hearing their stories was really powerful. They had so much courage to just tell their story and answer difficult questions,” Fanning said.