At the Los Angeles premiere of Other People, Molly Shannon told gay glossy The Advocate that she “loves the gays” and thinks they deserve more screentime.

“I love the gays,” Shannon declared on the red carpet.

“The message is, of course, I relate. And I want to support the gay community in continuing to protect and tell stories about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people in any way that I can,” she said.

In Other People, Shannon plays a mother dying of cancer. Her caregiver is her gay son (played by Jesse Plemons). The film was written by out writer Chris Kelly.

“We must continue,” Shannon said. “There are so many stories. To me, that's just how it should be. There needs to be even more.”

Shannon added that she contacted Kelly for the role “the minute I closed the script.”

“I just found it beautiful. And as a mother, I really related to it. … She would have done anything to fight for more time on Earth with her children,” Shannon said.

Other People premieres September 9 in select theaters.