Robert Sepulveda, Jr., the prince on Logo's gay bachelor show, is advising the show's 13 suitors to be authentic.

In Finding Prince Charming, out singer Lance Bass plays host to 13 gay men who are vying to win over Sepulveda, described by producers as one of the “nation's most eligible gay heartthrobs.”

According to Wikipedia, Sepulveda, 33, is an award-winning interior designer specializing in luxury residential spaces and a former fashion model. He was born in Puerto Rico and graduated from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. He also helms the non-profit Atlanta Rainbow Crosswalks (ATLRC), which describes itself as creating awareness of “diversity and equality through public art and community outreach.”

In a profile for the reality show, Sepulveda discussed why he became involved in the show.

“I'm ready to do something different,” he said. “I don't do the social apps. I don't really go to bars. And I think everyone here is really pressured to put their love on the line, put their hearts on the line. So, I'm ready to do it. I know I'm going to find someone amazing.”

When asked for advice for the suitors, Sepulveda answered: “I would suggest that the suitors just be themselves – be authentic, be honest, and just have a good time. No fakeness. I can't have someone that's fake.”

Finding Prince Charming debuts September 8 on Logo, the network which airs RuPaul's Drag Race.