The Wyoming judge who refuses to marry gay and lesbian couples is defending her actions by comparing homosexuality to alcoholism.

The Wyoming judicial ethics commission recommended that Ruth Neely be removed from the bench after remarks she made in a local paper. The state's Supreme Court is expected to rule on the matter.

Neely told the Pinedale Roundup that she would “not be able to do” same-sex ceremonies.

“When law and religion conflict, choices have to be made,” she said.

Neely defended her views in a letter to the state's judicial ethics advisory committee, saying that homosexuality is a sin in the Bible and that she “can no more officiate at a same-sex wedding than [she] can buy beer for the alcoholic.”

The commission has recommended that Neely step down as a Pinedale magistrate and municipal court judge, the latter of which does not involve marriage ceremonies.

Neely's lawyer called the commission's recommendation “extreme.”

“It claims that because Judge Neely's religious beliefs prevent her from solemnizing same-sex marriage, she cannot be a judge in Wyoming, even in a position that does not have authority to perform marriages,” the lawyer said.