Fairfax City, Virginia Mayor Richard “Scott:” Silverthorne has resigned over charges he agreed to provide illegal drugs in exchange for sex with other men.

Silverthorne announced his resignation on Monday. Thursday is his last day in office.

Undercover detectives arrested Silverthorne, 50, last week after he allegedly attempted to exchange methamphetamine for sex. Detectives set up the sting operation after police received a tip in July that the mayor was exchanging drugs for sex with men on an unidentified gay hookup website. Within a few days, Silverthorne had agreed to meet with a man who was an undercover detective, and even promised to bring along other men.

A group that helps to elect openly LGBT people to public office said that they were unaware of Silverthorne's sexuality.

“Victory Fund has never worked with or had any contact with Silverthorne, so we are unaware of his sexual orientation,” Elliot Imse, the group's director of communications, told the Washington Blade.

Silverthorne's attorney, Brain Drummond, said that his client was unofficially out.

“It was the worst-kept secret in Fairfax,” Drummond said. “He had actually come out some years ago, but it didn't really take. People kind of blew it off. And he didn't make any kind of great announcement.”

According to various reporter, Silverthorne, who was first elected mayor in 2012 and served 18 years on the Fairfax City Council, was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year.