At a Charlotte city council meeting last month, Phillip “Flip” Benham lashed out at the mayor and city council for approving an LGBT protections ordinance earlier this year.

Republican lawmakers in Raleigh and Governor Pat McCrory responded to passage of the ordinance by pushing through legislation that prohibits such measures and restricts bathroom use for transgender people.

Passage of House Bill 2 was widely criticized by corporate leaders and ultimately led to the NBA's decision not to hold next year's All-Star Game in Charlotte.

Supporters of the bill, including McCrory, have blamed Charlotte for the economic loss facing North Carolina.

Benham, the national leader of the North Carolina-based Operation Save America, an anti-abortion group, spoke during the “citizens forum” portion of the meeting, accusing the city council of putting its “middle finger right in the eye of almighty God.”

“There is one God and we're going to stand for him in this city,” Benham said. “You cannot make a moral wrong a civil right. You have no right to do that! It's a moral wrong.”

"If God doesn't fix this city. If God isn't the answer. If God isn't at the foundation, you're going to have bloodshed coursing down the corners of our streets, our schools and our workplaces and you're not going to have a police force big enough to stop it," he continued. "When you sow bloodshed in the womb – and we have three abortion mills here in this city – you're going to reap it in the streets. And our God is a God of truth and these things happen. When you cast God behind your back, violence always comes in to replace the void.”

“Now we've got this transgenderism nonsense!” Benham shouted, slamming his hand on the podium. “It's not a sin to be black! But it is a sin to be a practicing homosexual! It is a sin. It is not a moral right! It is wrong and you need to say so. And you've opened up the doors of hell on our city, you and this council and you need to repent!”