A Virginia mayor has been arrested on charges that he exchanged illegal drugs for sex with other men.

According to NBC Washington, undercover detectives arrested Richard “Scott” Silverthorne, the 50-year-old mayor of Fairfax, on Thursday after he allegedly attempted to exchange methamphetamine for sex.

“I ask that you allow the process to proceed before rushing to judgment (as tough as that may be),” Silverthorne wrote in a Facebook post.

After police received a tip in July that the mayor was exchanging drugs for sex with men on an unidentified gay hookup website, undercover detectives set up a sting operation. Within a few days, Silverthorne had agreed to meet with a man who was an undercover detective, and even promised to bring along other men.

In the last year, Silverthorne has lost his full-time civilian job and his home and was diagnosed with cancer.

Silverthorne was first elected mayor in 2012. He is expected to be arraigned on Wednesday.