An LGBT rights organization based in Turkey said Thursday that a gay Syrian refugee who feared for his life was found decapitated in Istanbul.

The headless, mutilated body of Muhammed Wisam Sankari was identified by his roommates by his clothing, the group Kaos GL said in a statement.

Kaos GL said that Sankari feared for his life after he was attacked in Istanbul about five months ago. In that attack, a group of men kidnapped and raped Sankari. He was trying to leave Turkey when he disappeared last month.

According to Kaos GL, Sankari had been in Istanbul about a year.

Sankari's friend, Diya, said that gay people are targeted in Turkey: “I get threats over the phone … It does not matter if you are Syrian or Turkish. If you are gay, you are everyone's target.”

While homosexuality is legal in Turkey, hate crimes against the LGBT community are common.