Gay webseries Where the Bears Are returns next month for a fifth season with guest appearances from Perez Hilton, Chaz Bono and Paolo Andrino.

The comedy series, which combines a murder mystery plot and lots of large furry men, centers around roommates Reggie (played by Rick Copp), Wood (Joe Dietl) and Nelson (Ben Zook) and Nelson's boyfriend Hot Toddy (Ian Parks).

Nelson and Todd married at the end of season four. In a trailer for season five, the couple is seen honeymooning.

Guest stars this season include Chaz Bono (The Bold and the Beautiful), Perez Hilton (Hot in Cleveland) and Paolo Andino (The Big Gay Sketch Show).

“Rapped shooting on @WhereTheBearsR season 5,” Chaz Bono tweeted on June 3. “Had blast, can't wait to see it.”

Season 5 of Where the Bears Are arrives September 1. Previous seasons can be purchased at Amazon and iTunes.