After the abrupt cancellation of Cleveland's annual Pride Parade, several groups are planning a new LGBT event to take its place.

Last week, the group behind Cleveland's march, Cleveland Pride Inc., cited security concerns in canceling the event, scheduled to take place Saturday, August 13.

“Because of the changing social climate, Cleveland Pride did not have enough time to engage in the development of awareness programs and training that we believe is critical in today’s environment. Therefore, we regretfully canceled our 28th annual parade, rally and festival this year,” the group said in a statement.

The new event will take place on the same date, but few details have been released.

Cleveland ABC affiliate NewsNet5 reported that the event is being organized by The LGBT Community Center Executive Director Phyllis Harris; Cleveland City Councilman Kerry McCormack; state Representative Nikie Antonio; and Cleveland Department of Economic Development official Kevin Schmotzer.