In an interview with Logo from the Democratic National Convention (DNC), House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi cheered the party's acceptance of LGBT rights.

Democrats attending the DNC ratified the party's most LGBT-inclusive platform in its history and welcomed the first openly transgender person to speak at a major party convention.

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“Let me just say about myself, that I'm so happy that the world has finally caught up with San Francisco, California,” said Pelosi, whose district includes San Francisco.

“It's pretty exciting to see everybody else coming along now as part of it, but the Democratic party has always been well positioned and disposed to respecting all people in our society.”

“My view is that what the community did in the fight against HIV and AIDS, that masterful mobilization in the country, really has taken us down a path to where now we have marriage equality. I think that that hastened the approach. So, the community has not only acted on its own behalf and made America more American, it's helped other groups by giving an example of how to get the job done,” she added.