On a recent episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now? four-time Olympic diving gold medalist Greg Louganis talked about being featured on a box of Wheaties.

Louganis dominated diving in the early 80s, but General Mills denied him a Wheaties box, saying at the time that he did not meet their “wholesome demographic,” a possible reference to rumors that Louganis was gay. In his 1995 best-selling memoir Breaking the Surface, Louganis came out gay and HIV-positive.

Chicago mom Julie Sondgerath launched a change.org petition calling on General Mills to put Louganis on a Wheaties box. While Sondgerath's petition received lots of media attention, General Mills has said that it did not factor into their decision.

“It means more now than it probably would then,” Louganis said. “I feel like I'm being embraced as a whole person.”

Wheaties is also honoring hurdler Edwin Moses and swimmer Janet Evans as part of a revamped “legends” series.