Caitlyn Jenner says she's “more interesting” than Bruce was.

“To be honest with you the media threw old Bruce right out the door,” Jenner says in a new ad for H&M Sports. “He was gone, okay. This Caitlyn character's a lot more interesting. And I knew from that point on, I had to live my life as Caitlyn.”

The I Am Cait star is the new face of the company's For Every Victory campaign.

In the nearly 6-minute spot, Jenner says that she had gender issues in the fifth grade when she discovered her talent for sports.

“When you have gender issues, you have a tendency to isolate yourself from people and you are certainly afraid to tell anybody,” she said.

The ad ends with Jenner saying that the “biggest victory of all” is to wake up in the morning and “just be yourself.”

Jenner has also partnered with MAC Cosmetics to offer a lipstick with proceeds to benefit the MAC AIDS Fund Transgender Initiative, which supports organizations working to improve the lives of transgender people.

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