Soon after Texas Senator Ted Cruz spoke Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention (RNC), the Huffington Post posted an op-ed claiming that he had suggested that he cares about gay people.

Nick Wing, senior viral editor at the Huffington Post, questioned the senator when he said, “Whether you're gay or straight, the Bill of Rights protects the rights of all of us to live according to our conscience.”

After noting Cruz's long record opposing LGBT rights, Wing challenged Cruz's sincerity.

“This view from the senator might be news to many gay people in the U.S.,” Wing wrote.

Cruz, however, was not making a gesture toward gay rights. More likely, he was poking at it. He was saying that Americans have a right to discriminate against gays based on their religious freedom. Cruz hit this line in the middle of a long montage of freedoms lost, and it received loud cheers from the crowd in Cleveland's Quicken Loans arena.

Elsewhere in his speech, Cruz said that freedom means allowing states to adopt laws that reflect “local values,” a possible reference to marriage equality or the current fight to allow transgender students to use the public bathroom of their choice.

“And freedom means recognizing that our constitution allows states to choose policies that reflect local values. … New York different than Iowa,” Cruz said to applause. “That's the way it's supposed to be: diversity.”

While Cruz endorsed presidential nominee Donald Trump's proposed wall to keep out immigrants, he failed to give a full endorsement of Trump.