In an interview this week, out celebrity blogger Perez Hilton revealed that his celebrity childhood crush was actor-singer Mark Wahlberg.

During a segment titled “If You Only Knew,” Larry King Now host Larry King asked Hilton a series of rapid fire questions.

“Best celebrity encounter?” King asked.

“I would say Madonna,” Hilton answered.

“Most historical figure you admire?”

“Madonna,” he answered with a laugh.

“Childhood celebrity crush?”

“Mark Wahlberg,” he answered with a smile.

Elsewhere in the interview, Hilton, who is raising a son and a daughter, was asked whether he's involved in a relationship.

“No, but that's next,” he answered. “Hopefully, or not. I'm happy with my life, more than happy, but I definitely aspire to get married.”

“I would happily make time for somebody, but maybe I'm naive in hoping and wishing that I can meet them in the real world,” as opposed to online, Hilton said.