Appearing Monday on CNN, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin defended the Republican platform's opposition to LGBT rights.

The document, which is expected to be approved at this week's convention in Cleveland, condemns the 2015 Supreme Court ruling that led to nationwide marriage equality and backs a proposed Republican bill that would protect individuals opposed to marriage rights for gay couples. It also backs states challenging a directive by the Obama administration advising schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice and the rights of parents to enroll their kids in programs that attempt to alter their sexual orientation or gender identity. Several states, including New Jersey and California, have outlawed such therapies.

Fallin, a co-chair of the platform committee, argued that the platform's purpose was to “make America great” and to “stand for the human rights of all people.”

“Gay people don't feel included in the platform. What do you say?” she was asked.

Falling answered that “there were gay people who were on the platform committee.” There was a single openly gay person, Rachel Hoff, on the committee. Hoff's proposals to soften the GOP's anti-gay rhetoric were met with stiff resistance.

“The main thing is: We think all human beings, no matter who you are, deserve respect, deserve equal treatment, and should be respected in all that we do, and be respected,” Fallin said.