Netflix began streaming gay comedy Eastsiders on July 1.

The dark comedy takes a look at the lives of Cal (played by Kit Williamson) and Thom (Van Hansis), who are trying to make sense of their relationship after infidelity.

The show's first two episodes premiered on YouTube in 2012 and the entire first season was later broadcast as a television movie on cabler Logo.

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Creator and star Williamson wrote about the pickup in an op-ed.

“I wish I could say that I predicted this, that it was all part of some master plan, but the truth is I had no idea a series could have as many lives as EastSiders has had,” Williamson wrote. “My goals when I created the show were simple; I wanted to write, direct and star in a project and see it through to completion, because I had been involved in so many micro budget projects that never saw the light of day. I also wanted to create the kind of LGBT series that TV networks refuse to, one where the main characters were not only gay, but flawed, complex individuals trying to navigate their messy lives, just like their straight friends.”

On Twitter, Williamson added that he was working on season 3, but offered no details.