Dozens of Democratic lawmakers held a vigil Tuesday on the House steps to remember the victims of a mass shooting in a gay nightclub in Orlando.

Tuesday was the one-month anniversary of the shooting, which took the lives of 49 people and wounded dozens.

Lawmakers took turns at the podium while holding images of those who died in the massacre.

Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan told the small crowd that he wept when he heard the news on the radio, saying that he was reminded of an incident of violence he faced coming out of a gay bar in Madison.

“It was reminding me of 27 years ago back in Madison, Wisconsin when I left a gay club, was followed by two people and beaten with a baseball bat,” he said. “I only had stitches and scars, but for the people of Orlando, they paid the price with their lives.”

“It's time we do something about gun violence. I knew the next day I was going to be coming to Washington and we were going to do absolutely nothing about guns and about discrimination,” he added.

David Cicilline, an out representative from Rhode Island, opened the service. In his remarks, he called the shooting a “hate crime.”

The vigil was held on the same day that a Republican-controlled House committee held a hearing on a bill that seeks to protect opponents of the Supreme Court's 2015 finding that gay and lesbian couples have a constitutional right to marry.

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