An Ohio baker reportedly canceled a woman's order for a birthday cake after learning that she's gay.

According to ABC affiliate WTVG, LaGresha Fizer-Brown, the owner of Take the Cake Bakery in Toledo, canceled Candice Lowe's order for her wife's birthday cake after learning on Facebook that she's married to a woman.

“After she saw my Facebook page, she found out that I was in a same-sex marriage and she could not do my cake,” Lowe told the outlet.

Lowe posted on Facebook a screen capture of the text message she received.

“Candice, I'm sorry … I just realized your [sic] in a same sex relationship and we do not do cakes for same sex weddings or parties … I'm so sorry. I wasn't aware of this exactly until I saw your page. Take care :),” the message read.

Lowe said that she posted the text to open hearts and minds.

“They should learn that they can't just discriminate against someone's sexual preferences, especially over something as simple as a cake,” she said.

While Toledo has an ordinance prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, Lowe has not said whether she will file a complaint against the bakery.