The Vatican on Monday announced that Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of an anti-gay cardinal and named his successor.

Monsignor Francisco Ozoria Acosta of the Diocese of San Pedro de Macoris will succeed Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez as the Archbishop of Santo Domingo, the Washington Blade reported.

Lopez has repeatedly used anti-gay slurs to describe James “Wally” Brewster, the U.S. ambassador to the Dominican Republic.

During a press conference held after President Barack Obama nominated Brewster to the post in 2013, Lopez referred to Brewster, who is openly gay and married to Bob Satawake, as a “maricon,” which translates in English to “faggot.”

Last year, Lopez criticized comments Brewster made about corruption in the Dominican Republic.

“That man needs to go back to his embassy,” Lopez told reporters following a Mass. “Let him focus on housework, since he's the wife to a man.”

He has also accused Brewster of promoting a gay rights agenda in the Dominican Republic.

The announcement came a day after San Domingo held its annual LGBT Pride celebration, which Brewster attended.