The Los Angeles Times on Thursday reported that FBI investigators have found no evidence to suggest that Omar Mateen, who killed 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, was leading a secret gay life.

Citing sources close to the investigation, the Times reported that the FBI has dismissed the claims of men who have come forward in the wake of the attack as not credible.

Several Pulse regulars told investigators that they recognized Mateen, 29, from previous visits to the nightclub. Others stated that they had been contacted by Mateen through gay dating apps.

This week, a man named “Miguel” told Univision that he and Mateen had hooked up on Grindr and that Mateen had sex with other men too, including a man who allegedly told Mateen after they had had unprotected sex that he was HIV positive.

According to the Times' source, the FBI has found no evidence to support the theory that Mateen, who was raising a young son with his second wife, was secretly gay.

The FBI has not commented on reports that Mateen had previously visited the Pulse nightclub, the Times reported.