Secretary of State John Kerry remembered the victims of a mass shooting in Orlando during the “Pride at State” event in Washington on Tuesday.

Forty-nine people died and dozens were injured when a lone gunman opened fire at a gay nightclub, the Pulse. The massacre is the deadliest in American history.

“These victims of a hate crime targeting an LGBT club had their futures stolen, their dreams stolen, their future potential contributions stolen from us all in an abhorrent act that is a scar on some of our nation's policies and certainly on our hopes and dreams,” Kerry said.

“No words can lift or enable us to get rid of this sense of tragedy. But I do think that our gathering today can help everyone feel less alone. And I think it helps to know that acts of terror and hate rarely achieve their purpose beyond [the] immediate horror that they generate.”

“And whether those actions stem from bigotry, insecurity, fear or weakness they are profoundly misguided,” he said

Kerry added that Americans are united by the idea that we are all created equal.

“That is the principle that defines us and it is in the end what Pride means. To speak out for equality. To show solidarity in the cause. And to stand up and to say loudly and clearly no matter where you are, no matter who you love: We stand with you,” Kerry said.