Tony Perkins, president of the Christian conservative Family Research Council (FRC), told reporters on Tuesday that he agrees with Donald Trump's assertion that he would be better for the LGBT community than Hillary Clinton, his Democratic rival.

Trump reiterated his claim on Tuesday, saying that “he's better for gays.”

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Perkins made his comments during a press conference following a meeting between Trump and hundreds of religious leaders.

“What he was saying is no American, regardless of your political ideology or your life choices, should be living under the threat of a terrorist attack on the streets of the United States of America,” Perkins said. “I agree 100 percent with that. No American, no American, which they are under Barack Obama, living in fear because of Islamic terrorists coming to this country; so yes, LGBT, Catholic, Protestant, atheist. As one who wore the uniform as a United States Marine and was a police officer, no American, no American should live in fear and that is exactly what Donald Trump was saying and evangelicals believe the same thing.”

“That's why our military is filled with evangelicals who are willing to lay down their lives for the rights of people to live in ways they might not agree with, but not to live in fear,” he added. “So, yes, I agree with what Donald Trump said and I think most evangelicals would as well.”

After Tuesday's meeting, the Trump campaign announced the formation of his Evangelical Executive Advisory Board.

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