Riot police in Turkey used teargas and rubber pellets to break up an LGBT Pride march.

According to The Guardian, the government has cited security concerns in banning such marches from taking place during Ramadan, which coincides with LGBT Pride.

Hundreds of riot police were dispatched to Istanbul's Taksim Square to prevent the Trans Pride rally from going forward.

“Football fans can rally in this country whenever they want,” a spokeswoman for the Lambdaistanbul LGBTI Solidarity Association is quoted as saying. “We were going to do a peaceful activity. [The] holy month of Ramadan is an excuse. If you are going to respect Ramadan, respect us too. The heterosexuals think it's too much for us, only two hours in 365 days.”

Police last year broke up the city's annual Gay Pride parade held since 2003. The event was scheduled to take place this year on June 26.