On the August 25th broadcast of Savage Nation, conservative host Michael Savage told listeners that the Hispanic and gay lobbies of the Democratic Party are “against the white person.”

Savage told an estimated 8.5 million listeners that the Democratic Party was made up largely of minority blocs. He included African-Americans, Hispanics and gays as examples.

“The Democratic Party is the minority party. There is no question about it. Obama is a minority, a half minority at least,” Savage said. “The membership is made up largely of minority blocs, the Hispanic caucus and the gay caucus – caucuses that are all against the white person.”

And accused the Democrats of deceiving white voters by posing as centrists, then stealing their child's birthright.

“[The Democratic Party] is trying to pose as a centrist party, trying to win over the white male voter. ... Now, the white women generally are not as hard-nosed about things as the white male, and so many white women don't even understand that they're being duped, and they vote for a Democrat, not knowing that they're digging their own grave. But now they're going after the working-class white male, who is traditionally leery of the Sister Helen Prejeans (a reference to a heroic Catholic sister who worked with poor and incarcerated Blacks in New Orleans), the gay lobby, the caucuses and the other lobbies that are trying to take away his child's birthright.”

Savage's comments parallel those of another conservative radio talk show host - Rush Limbaugh, who has said that the reason Senator Barack Obama is the Democratic presidential nominee is because racial political correctness has kept people from discussing his faults.

While gay and lesbian representation has grown over the past several decades, even in the Democratic Party its influence is nominal. There are only two openly gay elected representatives in the House – Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank and Wisconsin Rep. Tammy Baldwin. For the record, both Frank and Baldwin are white.