Speaking to fans at a concert in Liverpool, Elton John remembered the victims of Sunday's shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando.

John, who is raising two children with is husband, said that news of the shooting “crashed across the world like a tsunami.”

Forty-nine people died and 53 were injured in the massacre. Several of the injured continue to cling to life.

“When a horror like this massacre in Orlando comes along, great agony crashes across the world like a tsunami, and great grief,” John said. “We feel shocked, angry and we're devastatingly sad for the people who died, for the loved ones who are mourning.”

John added that he was heartened by the response to the tragedy, which he called a “rainbow-colored wave of love and bravery.”

“I would like to say tonight, we are winning the fight against prejudice. Prejudice and darkness, because their rainbow wave around the world tells me that we can and we will win against these people,” he added.