At his eighth and final White House LGBT Pride reception, President Barack Obama called discrimination “so last century.”

The president said that the nation had come a long way in securing rights for the LGBT community, but more work remained.

“We cannot be complacent. Securing the gains this country has made requires perseverance and vigilance. And it requires voting. Because we've got more work to do,” he said.

“We still have more work to do when gay and bisexual men make up two-thirds of new HIV cases in our country. We have to work hard to make sure that jobs are not being denied, people aren’t being fired because of their sexual orientation. We still have work to do when transgender persons are attacked, even killed for just being who they are. We’ve got work to do when LGBT people around the world still face incredible isolation and poverty and persecution and violence, and even death. We have work to make sure that every single child, no matter who they are or where they come from or what they look like or how they live, feels welcomed and valued and loved.”

Obama added that the “upcoming generation” knows that “people are people and families are families, and discrimination is so last century. It's so passe. It doesn't make sense to them. So we live in an America where the laws are finally catching up to the hearts of kids and what they instinctively understand.”