In an interview with Michigan gay weekly PrideSource, out comedian-actress Lea DeLaria said that she refuses to use the term “LGBTQ.”

DeLaria, who plays a lesbian inmate nicknamed Big Boo on the Netflix prison drama Orange is the New Black, said that LGBTQ, which refers to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people, stresses differences in the community.

“Part of me believes that this inclusivity of calling us the LGBTQQTY-whatever-LMNOP tends to stress our differences,” DeLaria said.

“And that's why I refuse to do it. I say queer. Queer is everybody.”

“This is the biggest issue we have in the queer community to date and it will continue to be the biggest issue until we learn to accept our differences, and that's the issue,” she added.

Those differences, according to DeLaria, include “constantly dealing with the more conservative queers and the more radical queers like myself.”

She also laughed at being labeled a role model: “Like, honey, if I'm a role model, queers are in a lot of fucking trouble.”