Out news anchor Thomas Roberts discussed what pride means to him in an NBC Out video.

The 43-year-old Thomas currently anchors MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts and the Saturday edition of NBC Nightly News.

Roberts, who married Patrick Abner, of Merck Pharmaceuticals' HIV/AIDS division, in 2012 in New York, came out publicly in 2006 during a panel on LGBT anchors.

But Roberts has said that he started coming out to coworkers in 1999, when he was living in Norfolk, Virginia.

“Growing up and starting out in the TV business, I didn't personally always feel this way. Honestly, it was a hopeless and sad way to live. But now I can't imagine any other way to live and to feel and I know that my life is blessed,” Roberts says in the 75-second video.

“I'm proud of who I am and of our community, because we live in a time where just being honest helps to change hearts and minds.”

“Having pride helps me to contribute to breaking long-held stereotypes or prejudices. Having pride means I can openly talk about being married to my husband Patrick. Having pride means love of family, love of and respect for yourself and those around you,” he added.