Peter LaBarbera of the Illinois-based Americans for Truth About Homosexuality on Wednesday criticized an Obama administration directive advising schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice.

LaBarbera said that the guidance will “mainstream deviance” and that LGBT rights will lead to the “downfall” of America.

“Rather than protecting people and guiding them to the social good, you are instead catering and pandering and incentivizing effective abhorrence,” he told Penna Dexter on her Point of View radio show.

“It’s one thing if a person struggles with something, and our hearts as believers, as Christians, they go out. The people who are struggling with any sin problem or any confusion, we want to help them.”

“When it comes to the point of government then saying ‘We will reward misidentification. We will turn it into a civil right,’ thereby insulting every black American in our history by comparing gender confusion-based rights and homosexuality-based rights to real civil rights,” he added. “When it gets to that point you’re really incentivizing confusion and you’re bringing about the downfall of your country.”

LaBarbera has previously said that a healthy society discriminates against gay and transgender people.