In a recent interview to help promote Queen's European tour, Adam Lambert talked a little about how he's settled into the band's role as frontman.

Queen + Adam Lambert kicked off its tour Friday at Rock in Rio in Lisboa, Portugal.

Guitarist Brian May said that he and drummer Roger Taylor probably wouldn't be touring if they didn't have Lambert.

“We had this opportunity to work with Adam,” May said. “And if we didn't have Adam, I don't think Roger and I would be doing this. And that's probably the truth. You know, the chance to interpret the canon that we built up. People want it and we can do it and it's still fun. I don't know how long we have this opportunity to work with Adam. He has a career, too. He has things to do.”

Lambert praised the group's former frontman, saying that he loved how free Mercury was on stage.

“I feel like I understand parts of him, you know, just from an outsider,” Lambert said. “Having never met him but maybe we have a couple things in common. I just appreciate his humor. I watch, you know, footage of him and I love how free he was on stage. He kinda just did whatever the heck he wanted in every moment and I'm so inspired by that. And so, getting to be on stage and singing this music gives me a lot of permission to just go for it, because Freddie had no limits.”