Out singer Elton John on Tuesday criticized North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory's continued support for a law that targets the LGBT community.

House Bill 2 blocks cities from enacting LGBT protections and prohibits transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice in government buildings, including schools.

In an op-ed titled North Carolina Governor's Ignorance of Trans Identity, John points out that McCrory signed the bill into law after admitting that he had never met a transgender person.

“Although McCrory later walked his statement back, the message he sent was clear: the actual experiences of transgender people have no place in a debate over their basic rights,” John wrote.

“This brand of ignorance deliberately shuts out the perspective of an already marginalized community. It's dangerous, and it goes beyond bathrooms.”

“The failure of McCrory and other lawmakers to see this is a failure of compassion, a failure to recognize the difficult and frequently unwelcoming world transgender people must navigate every day, stigmatized by the fear and ignorance of others.”

“McCrory and others who support these discriminatory bathroom bills need to reverse course, but moreover, they need a lesson in compassion. They need to recognize the existence of trans people, and they need to acknowledge that all people have a fundamental desire – and a fundamental right – to be treated fairly,” John added.