Iowa Representative Steve King, a Republican, on Saturday condemned guidelines from the Obama administration on transgender students.

The federal government on Friday advised public schools, colleges and universities to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice. While the government's directive does not have the force of law, institutions that do not comply risk lawsuits or possibly the loss of federal aid.

King, a longtime opponent of LGBT rights, made his comments in the Caffeinated Thoughts Radio podcast.

King said that students about to graduate were itching to test the administration's directive.

“But, think of this, all over America they've got to be lined up right now, the pranksters, going, 'I'm going to go into the girls' room,' 'I'm going,' 'I dare you,' 'Well, the two of us will go,' 'The three of us will go.' There's a line-up in some school right now and no school can discipline them because the federal government will come in with the Justice Department and jerk their No Child Left Behind funding,” King claimed.

King also joked that the government would next announce that “We're going to make you all vegans,” saying that “transgendered [sic] vegans would satisfy them.”

“It's the unhumorous humorous reality of how perverse our society has gotten under [President] Barack Obama,” he said.

When asked whether schools would resist the administration's directive, King answered: “So now we’ve got to submit to five members of the Supreme Court and one president and simply let them change the protocol of the civilization that goes back to Adam and Eve? And I’m going to say, society will capitulate because they didn’t fight on marriage.”