Norway is expected to approve a bill that would allow people to change their legal gender with the click of a mouse.

Since the 1970s, transgender people have had to undergo a physical transformation – a costly and time-consuming process – to be recognized as having changed their gender.

According to The Local, the bill proposes removing such requirements. Changing gender would involve notifying authorities either by mail or a website.

The bill has broad majority support in parliament.

“Norway is in the forefront when it comes to LGBT rights,” Healthcare Minister Bent Høie said in a statement. “But our current system for changing legal gender is unacceptable and has been unchanged for nearly 60 years. This proposal is in accordance with human rights.”

The measure “is historic because it is now the individual and not the health services that decide when he or she has changed legal gender,” he added.

The bill would also lower the age requirement to change gender from 18 to 16. Minors under 16 can also change their gender if their parents agree.

Amnesty International praised he bill as a “historic breakthrough for transgender rights.”

Argentina approved a similar law in 2012.