Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick on Friday said that the state will ignore guidelines from the Obama administration on transgender students.

“He says he's going to withhold funding if schools do not follow the policy,” Patrick told reporters. “In Texas, he can keep his thirty pieces of silver. We will not yield to blackmail from the president of the United States.”

On Friday, the federal government advised public schools, colleges and universities to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice. While the government's directive does not have the force of law, institutions that do not comply risk lawsuits or possibly the loss of federal aid.

“Parents are not going to send their 14-year-old daughters into the shower or bathroom with 14-year-old boys. It's not going to happen,” Patrick said. “It is the most damaging domestic policy. And that's saying something for this president who gave us Obamacare.”

He added that the policy will help Republicans in the fall.

“I believe this not only is going to usher in school choice in America, but it can well usher in Donald Trump into the White House because [Hillary Clinton] supported this policy. Kids are going to be bullied. Not the transgender kids, but maybe the straight kids. This is a disaster,” Patrick said.

The guidelines, issued by Justice and Education department officials, come just days after the Justice Department announced that it is suing the state of North Carolina over a law that prohibits transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice in government buildings, including schools.

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