Out YouTube stars Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl on Tuesday discussed their experience on CBS's The Amazing Race.

The 28th season of the reality competition wraps on Friday with Oakley and Kuhl among the three final teams.

The best friends, who together co-host the popular podcast Psychobabble, are attempting to become the first gay team to win the $1 million prize since married couple Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge won the show's 21st season in 2012.

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In a video titled Did We Win A Million Dollars?!, Oakley and Kuhl answered questions from viewers.

“After being on TAR, what life lessons have you taken that you will pass down to your kids?” Michael Jenks (@Mjenks1) asked on Twitter.

“Just like never give up on something,” Kuhl answered and Oakley agreed.

“If there's a lesson I can pass on as we approach generations that are more dependent on technology, I feel like I wish my kids freedom to unplug,” Oakley said.

“Everyone deserves a month break from technology,” Kuhl said.

Kuhl and Oakley added that if asked they would return to compete in another season of The Amazing Race.