A teacher in an Australian school has resigned after students distributed the contents of his online sexual profile, reports The Manly Daily.

The 15-year veteran teacher worked at the exclusive $15k-a-year Pittwater House High School in Collaroy, Australia.

Students acquired the teacher's online profile by Googling a username he used for an educational website. The teacher accessed the website and projected it to a screen where students were able to see his username.

The students found a gay personal ad for the teacher which read, “I am a 40 year old cuddly bear who is looking for f**k buddy /friend for fun. I am happily partnered just looking to spice things up with a f**k.”

The students circulated naked pictures of the teacher and a description of his genitals and fetishes around the school after accessing the online profile. Parents were outraged when their children brought home the pictures.

“I was just disgusted and shocked at the photo,” one father said. “In the photo he is completely naked, holding his genitals. There is a lot of anger among the parents; you work your guts out to send your kids to an elite private school and you don't expect this.”

The teacher admitted to the online profile and resigned on Friday.