Evangelist Franklin Graham has criticized a plan to create the first monument to the struggle for LGBT equality.

President Barack Obama could as early as next month declare the Stonewall Inn in New York City and part of the surrounding Greenwich Village neighborhood as the birthplace of America's modern gay rights movement.

In 1969, a riot broke out after police raided the Stonewall Inn, which was frequented by gay men and drag queens. Lasting six days, the Stonewall riots ignited a national movement for equal rights.

Graham, the son of evangelist Billy Graham and head of the Billy Graham Evangelist Association, criticized the move in a Facebook post.

“A monument to sin? That’s unbelievable,” Graham wrote. “War heroes deserve a monument, our nation’s founding fathers deserve a monument, people who have helped to make America strong deserve a monument – but a monument to sin? The Washington Post reports that President Obama is poised to declare the first-ever national monument in New York recognizing 'the struggle for gay rights.' It’s no surprise that the three officials who represent the area and support the monument are all openly gay. I can’t believe how far our country has digressed. I hope that the president will reconsider. Flaunting sin is a dangerous move. God’s Word tells us, 'Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.'”