In a new interview with gay glossy The Advocate, Uzo Aduba reveals that Laverne Cox is the first openly transgender person she had ever met.

Aduba and Cox co-star in the Netflix comedy Orange is the New Black.

In the series, which returns for its fourth season on June 17, Aduba plays inmate Suzanne “Crazy Eyes' Warren, while Cox portrays Sophia Burset, a transgender hairdresser.

When asked how Orange is the New Black has educated her on LGBT issues, Aduba responded that working on the show has informed her on transgender issues.

“I've definitely gained a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the trans conversation,” Aduba answered. “I didn’t know anything about the murder rates of trans women of color and the health care issues that trans people face. In fact, Laverne Cox was the first trans person I’d ever met, and now I’ve met so many, which is amazing. Working with a wide cross-section of women with so many different stories has reinforced what I already knew: We’re all just the same.”

Aduba also discussed her character's sexuality: “I just see her as someone who wants to give and receive love, and she's not that concerned with the package in which that love comes. I don't think sexual orientation enters her mind. She's looking for her soul mate and heart partner.”

She also advised folks thinking about binge watching the show's upcoming season to “call out sick from work.”