Singer-actor Nick Jonas on Friday denied he's a “gay cock tease.”

The 23-year-old Jonas currently plays a gay MMA fighter on the DirectTV drama Kingdom and a gay frat boy on Fox's Scream Queens, which has led to questions about his sexuality.

In an interview with gay blog Queerty, Jonas was asked why he and Demi Lovato decided to cancel shows in North Carolina over a law that targets the LGBT community.

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“You know, it’s a tough situation overall, and I think for Demi and I it was just about doing our best to try and make a decision that made a firm statement, but also took into consideration the fact that this would be very disappointing for our fans that were looking forward to the show,” Jonas answered. “But sometimes you have to make these tough choices in order to hopefully see a change. We can only kind of humble ourselves and try to do our part, but hopefully we’ll see some good out of this very unfortunate situation.”

Jonas was also asked about James Franco's recent admission that he's a “little gay.”

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James Franco recently said he's a bit of a 'gay cock tease.' Do you think some people could apply that label to you?” Queerty asked.

No, I don’t think so,” Jonas answered. “I’ve been pretty clear with my heart and my nature of just wanting to be as supportive of my gay fans as they’ve been of me. So there’s definitely not any cock teasing going on. [Laughs] If anything I hope I can be a real ally for the LGBT community and I’m thrilled to be in a spot where I feel like there’s a lot of mutual love and respect.”