Televangelist Pat Robertson on Monday defended a North Carolina law that targets the LGBT community, calling it “perfectly reasonable.”

North Carolina's law, House Bill 2, prohibits cities from approving LGBT protections and bars students attending public institutions from using the bathroom that does not conform to their gender at birth.

The law has spurred companies, politicians and artists to speak out. PayPal and Deutsche Bank have halted expansion plans in North Carolina, while several cities and states have instituted non-essential travel bans to the state, the latest being Los Angeles. Pearl Jam and Boston this week canceled upcoming shows in North Carolina, adding their voices to a growing list of artists protesting such laws.

Robertson told his The 700 Club viewers that he was “simply appalled” by the backlash to the law, which he called a “perfectly reasonable” attempt to protect women and girls from men pretending to be women to gain access to the girls' restroom.

Without supplying any facts, he added that many people who identify as transgender are frauds.

“People like that are relatively rare,” Robertson said. “So much of this other stuff is put up, it’s put on and it’s just a fraud. And it’s one more opportunity for the Left to demonstrate against some aggrievement they claim to have that doesn’t exist. This is a phony, phony, phony cause to get involved in. ‘Well, I’ve got to look after the transgenders.’ This is nonsense.”