Appearing Sunday on NBC's Meet the Press, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, a Republican, defended his signing of a law that targets the LGBT community.

House Bill 2 was a knee jerk reaction to passage of an LGBT protections bill in Charlotte. Lawmakers approved and McCrory signed the bill during a one-day special session. It repealed Charlotte's ordinance and blocked other cities from enacting similar measures. It also bars students attending public institutions from using the bathroom that does not conform to their gender at birth.

The law spurred companies, politicians and artists to speak out. PayPal and Deutsche Bank have halted expansion plans in North Carolina, while several cities and states have instituted non-essential travel bans to the state, the latest being Los Angeles. Cirque du Soleil on Friday canceled upcoming shows in North Carolina, adding their voice to a growing list of artists protesting such laws.

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When host Chuck Todd asked McCrory whether the backlash had made him regret signing the law, McCrory answered that he would always “call out government overreach.”

“It was the Left that brought about the 'bathroom bill,' not the Right,” McCrory claimed. “The city of Charlotte passed the bathroom ordinance mandate on every private sector employer in Charlotte, North Carolina. … And I think that's government overreach. It's not government's business to tell the private sector what their bathroom, locker room or shower practices should be.”

McCrory's comments were widely panned by members of the Meet the Press roundtable.

“I just think he made a political mistake here without thinking through the contours of the issue,” said Perry Bacon, senior political reporter for NBC News.

“This is nanny state at its worse, if you think about it,” said Chris Matthews.