In an interview with Billboard, singer Shamir Bailey, known professionally simply as Shamir, discussed his androgynous look.

Shamir's debut studio album, Ratchet, which arrived last year, landed him on the Billboard + Twitter Emerging Artists chart.

Shamir told Billboard that he buys clothes from “both the men's and women's section.”

“Even though I'm non-binary, I'm more well-versed when it comes to menswear, because that's mostly what I wear,” he said.

“Have fashion and beauty been a part of experimenting with gender for you?” Billboard asked.

“They’ve been a way for me to express how I feel in general, and that includes whether I’m feeling more feminine or masculine that day. I feel like my style is very androgynous and in the middle, but I don’t feel comfortable in a dress or high heels. I like that I can wear what I want,” Shamir answered.