In a new interview, Caitlyn Jenner is asked whether she would vote for Hillary Clinton.

The question, posed by, comes after Jenner criticized Clinton on her reality show, I Am Cait, now in its second season on E!

While on a bus tour in Iowa with her friends, Jenner declares that Clinton doesn't care about women and only cares about herself.

In a more recent episode, Jenner and her friends meet Clinton at a presidential debate and pose for a photo.

“I have to admit, I think she's very good on transgender civil rights,” Jenner says.

When asked whether she would vote for Clinton, Jenner, a Republican who has previously said that she's leaning toward Texas Senator Ted Cruz for president, refused to answer.

“We certainly opened up the political conversation with this show in the first couple of episodes. We move off that issue eventually and it is resolved throughout the show – but the media certainly picked up on that,” Jenner responded.

“We have the greatest group of girls in this show and we had so much fun – but I think it's important that people understand that there are different points of view in this community, and how can we express those points of view and still love each other? As the show continues, you see that connection. And it was quite a ride at first.”

“I was the only Republican on the bus against all these women that kept firing questions at me and yes, I certainly did get a little defensive after a while. I was totally outnumbered and I got too defensive, but that's something you learn. When you watch the series, you'll see I learn to deal with these things and I learned a lot,” she added.

Elsewhere in the interview, Jenner declared that she is “not a spokesman for this community.”

“Everybody in the media puts me in that position because I'm in the media a lot – but I am only a spokesman for me and my story. I have so much to learn in this community. I have so much to learn about trans issues. I have so much to learn about womanhood. There's a lot for me to learn,” Jenner said.