Christian conservative Bryan Fischer on Wednesday declared that activists opposed to state anti-LGBT bills are “driven by hate.”

On his Focal Point radio program, Fischer discussed Mississippi House Bill 1523, which seeks to protect opponents of marriage equality, with Mississippi state Senator Chad McMahan just hours before the bill cleared the Senate.

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When McMahan complained that opponents of the bill had held many rallies but supporters were staying home, Fischer declared that conservatives are too busy raising their families to attend such rallies.

“We just do not have the discretionary time to put into political rallies,” Fischer said.

“Homosexuals,” on the other hand, “don't have children. They don't have families,” he added.

“They're motivated because they're agitated,” Fischer continued. “They're angry at the church. They're angry at Christians. They're angry at God. … It's easy to see why all the noise, why all the agitation out there is on behalf of those who are trying to kill this thing out of their hatred for Christ, their hatred for God and their hatred for the Scriptures. And I don't hesitate to use that term. It's vitriolic. You know, unless you've come up against this in some way directly, you have no idea how venomous the hatred, the bitterness, the anger is on the part of homosexual activists. They are driven people and they are driven by hate. You know, there's a lot of hatred on this issue but virtually all of it is coming from the homosexual activist community directed at us and our values.”