Actor Joel Grey, who came out publicly last year, says in a new interview that he came out to his mother when he was a teen.

Grey is best known for playing the Master of Ceremonies in the stage and film versions of Cabaret.

Last year, he told PEOPLE that he's “a gay man.”

Grey married actress Jo Wilder in 1958. Together they have 2 children. The marriage ended 24 years later, in 1982.

In a conversation with out actor Kevin Sessums, Grey discussed being sexually abused as a teenager by the cantor at his family's temple.

“He was about ten years older and kind of irresponsible,” Grey said. “But I didn't see it that way, 'cause I was a kid.”

When the man married a woman in the congregation, Grey was devastated and he decided he needed to come out his parents.

Grey said that his mother responded by saying that she was “disgusted” and didn't want to speak to him ever again.

“She herself was not very sophisticated and had kind of a brutal family that she came from,” Grey explained. “I totally forgive her and think that she's kind of marvelous. And she gave me my love of art.”